last minute West Coast bleubird tour!

bleubird flew to the West Coast to conduct some business so a couple weeks back he hooked up with Cars and Trains and Ceschi and together they set up a short tour.

Last minute shows might still be announced so please stay posted at Cars and Trains‘s website for last minute additions. Also, for all “House Show” details and locations, please email Cars and Trains and he will sort you out.

November 9 2009 : Lo-Fi : Seattle, WA, USA
November 10 2009 : House Show : Portland, OR, USA
November 11 2009 : The District : Eugene, OR, USA
November 12 2009 : Individual Collective : Vallejo, CA, USA
November 13 2009 : House Show : Santa Cruz, CA, USA
November 14 2009 : The Etiquette Lounge : San Francisco, CA, USA
November 15 2009 : House Show (Phaze One’s House) : Fresno, CA, USA
November 17 2009 : Alcazaba : Alhambra, CA, USA

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