Sign One drops 3rd album on vinyl & cassette!

2020 was tough for many and on his third album, titled The Mighty Highs and The Lowly Lows, Sign One tells it to fuck off politely.  Seemingly every time there’s a lifestyle change Sign goes and makes a batch of rap songs, and the pandemic certainly provided that opportunity. 

The Mighty Highs and The Lowly Lows is written, produced, and recorded by Sign One and released on vinyl and cassette through Endemik Music (CAN), in partnership with Audio Recon (USA) and Pen Thief Records (EU).  We hope you enjoy this collection of rap songs.

Visit the info page to order: The Mighty Highs and The Lowly Lows 

Pass the beat!

The project started October 27, 2020 when an email was sent to the beat makers/producers of the Endemik Music Family. Six responded with laughter and excitement about the idea and so the remote project began.

The concept is, as the title of this blog suggests, pass the beat. The first round started in January, 2021. Each producer was to decide the BPM (beats per minute), create a drum track, sequenced out and at the end of the month send the files to the right.

With the second round and all rounds following, the producer was to add one more instrument track of their own choosing. Arranging the previous tracks were also encouraged.

Throughout the process the songs would morph and change from one round/one producer, to the next.

Finally passing through the circle and returning to the original creator of the drum track with no idea of where the song was to go and how it would be returned.

With the final round, the originator of the song was to arrange as they wanted and add an additional track, if needed.

This project was enjoyed by Deadly Stare (Montreal, QC), EMC (Halifax, NS), Hermitofthewoods (Halifax, NS), Maki (Kamloops, BC), sign one (Gahanna, OH) and soso (Saskatoon, SK). They became Endemik Remote Ensemble. Enjoy the EP, They Fired with Their Lives!

Endemik Remote Ensemble
Endemik Remote Ensemble
Endemik Remote Ensemble

Triune Gods Release debut album on vinyl to celebrate 10th year anniversary

10 years ago, in 2011, Triune Gods dropped their debut album, “Seven Days Six Nights” Granma Music!

Its been a decade of friendships and beautiful music making! Since their sophomore album, Three Cornered World, they have all been busy with life adventures and going in different directions but to celebrate the 10th anniversary, they wanted to bring you the debut album on limited edition single vinyl!

This time we teamed up with Granma Music (Japan), Endemik Music (Canada), Audio Recon (USA) and Pen Their Records (Germany) to make it happen!

Order vinyl:
Canada: Endemik Music
Japan: Granma Music
USA: Audio Recon
Europe: Pen Thief Records

soso and Maybe Smith Podcast

Our good friends at are hosting a special edition podcast featuring a conversation with soso and Maybe Smith as they reminisce about their classic album Tinfoil on the Windows! Visit to listen or go direct to apple or Spotify

soso and Maybe Smith - ugsmag podcast

Originally released in 2007, Tinfoil on the Windows was a highpoint in the creative output of prairie rapper, soso. Produced by his tour-mate, collaborator and Canadian indie-rock icon, Maybe Smith, the album paired his layered, sprawling instrumentation with soso’s confessional lyrics and fragile vocal melodies. Tinfoil on the Windows is now available on limited edition vinyl, here.

In addition to the podcast, soso and Maybe Smith have also put together a Spotify playlist featuring some of their musical influences from around the time of the album’s recording and other collaborations they’ve done.

Check out the ugsmag shop for soso shirts and other merch from Tinfoil on the Windows as well as from his brand new album with Maki, If and Only If.

soso - Tinfoil on the Windows - T-shirt

Happy Release Day soso and Maki!

The new album from soso & Maki, If and Only If, is now live on all streaming and download platforms! We are so excited for you all to hear this project! Please find us on the socials and tell us your thoughts!

The album is available on limited edition vinyl (100 copies) and cassette (50)!

Shouts to our partners Audio Recon and Mism Records!
Happy day to all involved! xo

Vinyl: Canada: Endemik Music / USA: Audio Recon / Europe: Mism Records (sold out)
Cassette: World: Hello.L.A. Records

Tinfoil on the Windows – Video Trailer

soso’s Tinfoil on The Windows is coming on vinyl after all these years. The test press arrived and sounds beautiful. Maybe Smith said this will be his first appearance on vinyl.

Check out the trailer video that soso made:

To PREORDER the limited edition vinyl, please visit:

soso and Maki – And Yet – Single & Video!

The new single, “And Yet”, from soso and Maki‘s upcoming full length album, If and Only If, is now out!

Buy digital single: BANDCAMP / SPOTIFY / ITUNES

Check the video!

Direction and video editing by Troy Gronsdahl.
Videography by Kenton Doupe

To PREORDER the limited edition vinyl, please visit:

Cassette presale through Hello.L.A.

soso & Maki – New album! New vinyl!

Who says the pandemic has to be only depressing news?!

Last week, we dropped some news about the vinyl edition of Tinfoil on the Windows and this week we have more exciting news for you!

soso is back with a brand new album, If and Only If, that he has created with his long-time collaborator and good friend, Maki!

soso - If and Only If - Vinyl Mockup - Full

On If and Only If, their first album in seven years, Maki has crafted a delicate and evolving backdrop for the contemplative lyrics that established soso’s reputation as one of the most unique voices in alternative hip hop.

The album is set to be released March 31 and will be available worldwide on all of your favourite digital platforms.

The limited edition vinyl is available through Endemik in partnership with Mism Records (Switzerland) and Audio Recon (USA) and on cassette through Hello L.A. (France). Pre-orders are now available!

View the release page for more information and to find your pre-order link! xo

soso - If and Only If - Vinyl Mockup - Front

soso - If and Only If - Vinyl Mockup - Back

soso & Maki - If and Only If - Cassette