Introducing Deadly Stare…

Deadly Stare are Vid Cousins and Scott Da Ros.

In 2005 I released my debut album titled “One Kind of Dead End” and since then I have not released another album under my own name Scott Da Ros, or any other moniker for that matter. I have been busy working on many musical projects. Made some music for and mixed Filkoe’s debut album. Made one beat and mixed Sontiago’s “Steel Yourself” album. Added some of my favorite drums i have made to soso’s “Tinfoil on the Windows” album. Recorded and worked as a producer for Heliodrome’s debut album. Mixed 3 of Heliodrome limited edition ep’s. Made a slammin’ beat for bleubird’s “Clean yo Plate” that was released on a one-sided 5″ vinyl. In between have made a few beats here and there for some friends who rap… most recently Ira Lee.

With my good friend and audio expert/musical madman Vid, we created Deadly Stare in a hotel room in London (UK) while watching the deadliest of stare’s known to man. This has been a huge focus over the past year….more later.

While working on our second record we have also been working on a few side projects; we created music for bleubird and remixed Montreal bands Bell Orchestre and Beast.

So, check our brand new website and feel free to spread around the music. We appreciate it.


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