Enter the Hermitofthewoods!

First of all its time to send out our warmest welcome to our newest team-mate, Hermitofthewoods.

Hermit is from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where Endemik Music began way back in the day…1o years ago! He is talented musician, beat maker, spoken word/poet and rapper and you will all hear it on his latest album titled “Land of the Lotus Eaters”.

Be sure to take a listen to his previous album and unreleased material at his bandcamp page.

You can read more about the album in our records section or go here. We are starting to take pre-orders through the End Shoppe. Check out the amazing cover art below by our friend Migwel.

Here is the first teaser video. Enjoy and please share!

New Online Store: The End Shoppe!

The Endemik Music online store has expanded into its own entity, the End Shoppe. This store is a stand-alone store but this is where you will be able to purchase all things from Endemik.

Best of all, the store has expanded and will continue to expand and carry more and more items from friends.

Actually, even better then best, the End Shoppe will also start to produce and co-produce exclusive items ranging from tees to books.

Be sure to visit the site and share it with your friends! The only way to expand is with the help of you!
xo to all.

Facebook: facebook.com/EndShoppe
Twitter: twitter.com/endshoppe

Sontiago – “Muscle car” (Official Video)

Artist: Sontiago
Featuring: Therese Workman
Music: Ango

Purchase Muscle Car Maxi Single:
Bandcamp: http://endemikmusic.bandcamp.com/album/muscle-car-maxi-single
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/muscle-car-feat.-therese-workman/id549768412

Directed, Shot & Edited by: David Meiklejohn
Assistant Camera: Andrea Nilosek
Grips: Malachi Tekur Whitten and Otto Wolyneic
Production Assistants: Greg Kirby and Amy Parker
A Budget Fabulous FIlms Project

ABout the artist: Sontiago releases “Muscle Car” the maxi-single after receiving national recognition and charting #6 on the CMJ hip hop charts in 2007 with her sophomore album, “Steel Yourself.” Being a lover of rap since the early nineties and going to see Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy as a teenager, she coveted the honor of being named one of URB’s Next 100 artists. When she’s not recording and playing shows, Sontiago busies herself around Portland, Maine as a youth worker, Grants and Communications Manager at the Maine Women’s Fund and wife to fellow artist, jdwalker.

About the director: David Meiklejohn is a writer, filmmaker, and video installation artist who made his feature-length directorial debut in 2011 with My Heart is an Idiot, a comedic documentary about love and FOUND Magazine creator Davy Rothbart. His wrote and directed a short spy film titled “Forgiveness,” and directed a suite of fifteen short films about personal mythologies with Maine immigrant and refugee students. He lives and works in Portland, Maine.

VICE Premiere: Sontiago’s “Muscle Car” Video

Our friends at Riot Act Media secured a video premiere with Vice Magazine for Sontiago’s new single “Muscle Car”.

Here is what they said:
“We were sent the premiere of Sontiago’s new video for “Muscle Car,” but we don’t know much about her. A brief Nancy Drew around her Facebook page reveals that she lives in Portland, Maine (What’s THAT like?), she spends her free time working as a teaching artist at a local non-profit writing center, has experience as a bartender, and invented Elmer’s Glue.”

Check it here:

Order the single: Bandcamp / iTunes

Sontiago’s Muscle Car Single NOW AVAILABLE

It has been 5 years since we last heard a new Sontiago song hit the streets…and what a treat you are in for with these two new songs and remix!

Please get to it and start your listen on and please share with your friends and lovers. Have a block party and let it fly from your ghetto-blaster and tell the people it needs to be heard so that they can move their feet! Summer is almost over and there are only so many dance moves left in all these legs of ours.

Sontiago’s newest single is now available through bandcamp for 0.99 or other digital outlets.

hearts and flowers

ps – video to come…

Sontiago Releases New Digital Single Aug 14, 2012

Endemik Music is proud to present this digital maxi-single from Sontiago as our 18th release!

Sontiago is back ya’ll! She has flipped the sonic script since her last album but retains the true-to-herself style we all know and love. Album cover and press release are below.

If anyone is interested in reviewing, playing on air, etc, please get at us and we can set you up with the songs.

Portland, Maine based hip-hop artist, Sontiago drops her first release in nearly five years. Sontiago’s 2007 sophomore album earned her a number six spot on the CMJ hip-hop charts, landed her on the pages of URB’s Next 100 and was named “your Ipod’s best friend,” in Bust Magazine.

After a US/Canadian tour with her last album, Steel Yourself, Sontiago returned home and focused her creative passions on working with youth in her community. Busying herself as a teaching artist with a local non-profit writing center, Sontiago has spent a significant amount of time leading songwriting and video workshops for area high school students. The results can be seen in a series of recently completed video shorts titled, “The Whole World Waiting.”

Returning to her own music, Sontiago found some inspiration with a group of influential collaborators. Lucky Me Records producer Ango saw Sontiago perform in his hometown of Halifax in 2003 and after relocating to Montreal years later,sought out Endemik Music’s Scott Da Ros, who helped get the two artists together.  Ango, who had just returned from the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, was armed with energy and a thundering palette of beats, while Sontiago, revitalized, was bursting with ideas.

Back in Portland, Maine, Sontiago was bar-tending at a local venue when a girl in a bluegrass band caught her eye. She was wearing a pair of sneakers that suggested she was more than a bassist in an all-girl folk ensemble. Indeed, she was. The two exchanged music the next day and Sontiago found out that Therese Workman was one half of Oh My Goodness, a brilliant duo that made songs infused with humor, future-pop, R&B, and a healthy dose of Cosby Show. From there it was on. The two pushed each other, wrote together, recorded together and cheered from the sidelines as Anticon’s Alias mixed their vocals.

Muscle Car Maxi Single is the kind of music that might cause groups of strangers to burst into spontaneous and elaborate dance numbers as it flows from the stereos of cars cruising the Saturday night strip. Sontiago is back. Life is good. It’s time to have a bit of fun.  Without sacrificing her ability to make a point, Sontiago steers Muscle Car with a carefree abandon that is both infectious and exhilarating.  On the b-side, Okay Okay’s anthemic beat and fierce determination is the perfect counterpoint to the title track – the moment when everyone suddenly realizes they’ve been caught up in unconscious choreography but shrugs off their inhibitions and keeps dancing anyway.

Sontiago’s Muscle Car is a digital maxi-single including two new songs produced by Ango, a remix by Alias and two instrumentals. Muscle Car will be released through Endemik Music and is available at http://www.endemikmusic.com and other online retailers August 14, 2012.

Send Resend: New Single from INSTRUMENTS

INSTRUMENTS have dropped a new single today and after listening to it for the first time I am now putting my socks back on. This song rules and the recording is beautiful. Great work guys and look forward to the next single!

J. LaPointe says:
Send Resend is a sequel to Reciting Another Man’s Mantra at the Museum of Science While Down the Hall the Library Door is Surreptitiously Unlocked from 2010. It’s also the first of 5 new songs that we plan to release between now and June. That’s a super fast paced release schedule for us (we are normally fairly glacial, as you may know), but we’re hunkering down in the studio and the second song is already well underway. More to come.