Sontiago Releases New Digital Single Aug 14, 2012

Endemik Music is proud to present this digital maxi-single from Sontiago as our 18th release!

Sontiago is back ya’ll! She has flipped the sonic script since her last album but retains the true-to-herself style we all know and love. Album cover and press release are below.

If anyone is interested in reviewing, playing on air, etc, please get at us and we can set you up with the songs.

Portland, Maine based hip-hop artist, Sontiago drops her first release in nearly five years. Sontiago’s 2007 sophomore album earned her a number six spot on the CMJ hip-hop charts, landed her on the pages of URB’s Next 100 and was named “your Ipod’s best friend,” in Bust Magazine.

After a US/Canadian tour with her last album, Steel Yourself, Sontiago returned home and focused her creative passions on working with youth in her community. Busying herself as a teaching artist with a local non-profit writing center, Sontiago has spent a significant amount of time leading songwriting and video workshops for area high school students. The results can be seen in a series of recently completed video shorts titled, “The Whole World Waiting.”

Returning to her own music, Sontiago found some inspiration with a group of influential collaborators. Lucky Me Records producer Ango saw Sontiago perform in his hometown of Halifax in 2003 and after relocating to Montreal years later,sought out Endemik Music’s Scott Da Ros, who helped get the two artists together.  Ango, who had just returned from the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, was armed with energy and a thundering palette of beats, while Sontiago, revitalized, was bursting with ideas.

Back in Portland, Maine, Sontiago was bar-tending at a local venue when a girl in a bluegrass band caught her eye. She was wearing a pair of sneakers that suggested she was more than a bassist in an all-girl folk ensemble. Indeed, she was. The two exchanged music the next day and Sontiago found out that Therese Workman was one half of Oh My Goodness, a brilliant duo that made songs infused with humor, future-pop, R&B, and a healthy dose of Cosby Show. From there it was on. The two pushed each other, wrote together, recorded together and cheered from the sidelines as Anticon’s Alias mixed their vocals.

Muscle Car Maxi Single is the kind of music that might cause groups of strangers to burst into spontaneous and elaborate dance numbers as it flows from the stereos of cars cruising the Saturday night strip. Sontiago is back. Life is good. It’s time to have a bit of fun.  Without sacrificing her ability to make a point, Sontiago steers Muscle Car with a carefree abandon that is both infectious and exhilarating.  On the b-side, Okay Okay’s anthemic beat and fierce determination is the perfect counterpoint to the title track – the moment when everyone suddenly realizes they’ve been caught up in unconscious choreography but shrugs off their inhibitions and keeps dancing anyway.

Sontiago’s Muscle Car is a digital maxi-single including two new songs produced by Ango, a remix by Alias and two instrumentals. Muscle Car will be released through Endemik Music and is available at and other online retailers August 14, 2012.

Send Resend: New Single from INSTRUMENTS

INSTRUMENTS have dropped a new single today and after listening to it for the first time I am now putting my socks back on. This song rules and the recording is beautiful. Great work guys and look forward to the next single!

J. LaPointe says:
Send Resend is a sequel to Reciting Another Man’s Mantra at the Museum of Science While Down the Hall the Library Door is Surreptitiously Unlocked from 2010. It’s also the first of 5 new songs that we plan to release between now and June. That’s a super fast paced release schedule for us (we are normally fairly glacial, as you may know), but we’re hunkering down in the studio and the second song is already well underway. More to come.

Granelli feat. Stinkn’ Rich (Buck65) Vinyl at the Endemik Store

We got our hands on a few remaining copies of vinyl from Granelli featuring Stinkin’ Rich. The vinyl was limited to 500 copies world wide and we have a handful at the store:

“Stinkin’ Rich (aka Buck 65) breathes spoken word abstractions over free form guitar, bass, drums and Moog, along with his own brand of turntable antics.” Exclaim Magazine

A collaboration of heightened proportion and international talent recorded in Halifax, Nova Scotia. the album was released April 15, 2000 on Perimeter Records!

Jerry Granelli- drums,samples, percussion
Jamie Saft- moog & rhodes
J. Anthony Granelli- bass
Christian Kogel- guitar
DJ Stinkin’ Rich / Buck 65 – turntable & vocals & words

Produced by Jammie Saft, Jerry Granelli & Colin MacKenzie.
Recorded by Lawrence Curry at Idea of East Studio-Halifax.
Artwork by Scott Tappen

1. Visitors
2. Papp Joe
3. Bad Ass
4. Sew It Seems
5. Heavy Metal
6. Darth Sonics
7. Jo Mo
8. Dynaflo
9. Sunday At Jack’s
10. Richie’s Secret World
11. Giants

Check it out on bandcamp and order digitally through them if vinyl is not your choice:

Triune Gods Release First Video For “Same Train”

Triune Gods first official video is here! Released to the world on August 2nd, 2011!

The video from “Same Train” from their debut album “Seven Days Six Nights” was created by talented documentary and video maker Naoto Amazutsumi, who lives in and shot the video in Tokyo Japan.

Video credits:
Director : Naoto Amazutsumi
Director of photography : Daisuke Ohya
Cast : Tsuyoshi Kobayashi
Z scale : Tsukasa Kagamihara (Spur Z Room)
Location : Oigawa Railway and Shinjuku Tokyo

Watch on vimeo:

Heliodrome Release Limited Edition Blue 7″

Heliodrome 7

Order through the Endemik Music Store

Side A: Black Meat
[audio:|titles=Black Meat|artists=Heliodrome]

Side B: Looking for Dr.Benway
[audio:|titles=Looking for Dr. Benway|artists=Heliodrome]

(taken from Luana’s Messed Up Records)
It’s not an easy job to describe the music of canadian multi-instrumentalists Khyro, y.p.l. and Eric. You would have to name experimental hiphop, electronics, folk, jazz and this or that in one sentence. Having recorded and released several abstract rap albums and EPs, they stick to instrumental insanity for their first vinyl release, after the ambient / noise cassette tape with Jayrope «Swearing at the Sun».

This 7″ is inspired by the work of William Burroughs, especially his book Naked Lunch. It’s also kind of a tribute to the Beat Poets that travelled to Tangier (like Burroughs, Paul Bowles, Byron Gysin, etc…). There are rather dark moments throughout the song «Black Meat», but never without at least a little sign of light and hope, while «Looking For Dr Benway» contains more confidence regarding what will happen anytime soon with an almost funky bass line. Downtempo storytelling without words.

You could say it’s a meeting of styles, two compositions you probably wouldn’t guess were done by the heads of Héliodrome, or «super limited 7inch of intense instrumental mindfuck. Welcome to the Interzone».
released 19 April 2011

Reclyone – Demented Mutation EP

Good friend, INSTRUMENTS drummer and an inspirational artist, Recylcone has released a new EP called Demented Mutation.

It is amazing like all of his music. Check the audio below, spread the links and order it on bandcamp!

Oh yeah! He also released a collection of older non-released Recyclone songs called PrecycloneListen here

From Jon Hutt about Demented Mutation:

“In my view, Demented Mutation is the proper follow up to Numbers. Within the nine years since Numbers was released I’ve made a few guest appearances and collaborations, and renewed my passion for playing live drums with the band INSTRUMENTS. There was always a plan for another proper Recyclone album, but the timing was never right. This album had many false starts and challenges along the way. Things fell into place when J. and I returned to the way of working together that created Numbers – recording and resampling most of the instrumentation ourselves. Scott Da Ros and Rob Shedden added their skills and enthusiasm along the way. When recording the album I soon realized that the songs shared a common structure. They all began with a verse and ended as instrumentals. I didn’t feel the need to fill the songs with lyrics from start to finish. I wanted the music to be strong enough to speak for itself.”

Heliodrome at Under the Snow Festival in Montreal

Héliodrome will be performing at the Under the Snow festival on Sunday March 13 at Casa Del Popolo.


Back on stage after an absence of several months, the trio Héliodrome composed of Khyro, y.p.l. and Eric Gingras resume the service as part of the union of two festivals for a memorable evening. This year, Voice of America and Under the Snow present a series of shows at the Casa del Popolo to the legendary series of Night Shift. An evening where words and music will attempt to join the world of the Signifier, the symbolic and the real.

De retour sur scène après une absence de quelques mois, le trio Héliodrome, composé de Khyro, d’YPL et d’Éric Gingras reprendra du service dans le cadre de l’union de deux festivals pour une soirée mémorable. Cette année, Voix d’Amériques et Under the Snow présentent une série de spectacle à la Casa del Popolo pour la mythique série des Shifts de Nuit. Une soirée où les mots et la musique vont tenter de se rejoindre, dans l’univers du Signifiant, du Symbolique et du Réel.

Free show / Spectacle gratuit!

ALSO, for the second year in a row Endemik will be setting up a booth at the Under the Snow record fair!

Hope to see you all there.

Heliodrome Featured on bleubird’s Freeebird Journey

bleubird came to Montreal last Summer on a surprise visit with his new beast, the FREEEBIRD RV (courtesy of the good people at Grimm Image Records). We set up a last minute show and interview with Heliodrome parked in the back streets of the beautiful Mile End neighborhood.

from bird’s site: “Khyro is one of my oldest friends In Montreal, forever involved in something interesting. So naturally I had “his” group Heliodrome play a show in the RV in a Mile End Backalley during my short visit that weekend. We didn’t attract too much attention, just a few friends, a dog, and two curios Hasidic gentlemen. Twas a great evening of music and conversation and we miraculously didn’t blow the circuit with all of their electronics.”

INSTRUMENTS – Assembly Room [New Release]

Our latest release is a co-production with INSTRUMENTS. Early last year we began to assemble some of our favorite producers and friends to remix earlier works of INSTRUMENTS. The result is a 12 track album released in the digital format! Big thanks to all involved and this what makes this album extra special to us is the RETURN of Stigg of the Dump!!!

enjoy and spread!

title: Assembly Room
format: digital
release date: february.15.2011

INSTRUMENTS: “Here we are in 2011 with 12 remixers representing 6 countries, all of whom took our tracks to places far beyond what we could have imagined. Many thanks go out to all the artists who contributed – there’s a lot of novel thought in the room…” more info here

listen – 2 audio clips:
[audio:,|titles=Eyes In Pieces (Ango Remix),Decent Worm (Deadly Stare Remix)]

or the full album preview here:

track list
01. Data Processing
(Remixed by Graematter – Halifax, NS, Canada )
02. Eyes in Pieces
(Remixed by Ango – Montreal, QC, Canada)
03. Decent Worm
(Remixed by Deadly Stare – Montreal, QC, Canada)
04. National Laboratory
(Remixed by k-the-i??? – Los Angeles, CA, USA)
05. Clock
(Remixed by P-Love – New York, NY, USA)
06. Three Go Out
(Remixed by Mattr – Bern, Switzerland)
07. Elephant Tusk
(Remixed by Edison – San Francisco, CA, USA)
08. Eyes in Pieces
(Remixed by Masashi of 8th Wonder aka Nejel Mongrel – Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan)
09. Black Kite
(Remixed by Jayrope – Berlin, Germany)
10. National Laboratory
(Remixed by Speed Dial 7 – Kortrijk, Belgium)
11. Skull Decay
(Remixed by FRKSE – Jamaica Plain, MA, USA)
12. Decent Worm
(Remixed by Modulator aka Stigg of the Dump and CE Gabriel – Arisaig, NS, Canada)