INSTRUMENTS New Album “The End of Light By Heat” Released Today!


The End of Light By Heat” is a powerful monument to the enduring strength of this union, capturing an expansive sound only hinted at on prior albums, and more representative of the scale and sheer volume of their live show. “Black Cloud” sets the tone with its chanted statement of purpose, and “Send Resend” uses repetitive bass and drums to paint a cloudless night sky as a backdrop for soaring guitar and vocals. “Long Days” is a convincing adaptation of a song by Canadian post punk standard bearers Nomeansno, while “Clock” and “Mum and Dad” both ascend from simple verses to epic conclusions.

Equally dark and uplifting, the seven songs on “The End of Light By Heat” play as an expertly crafted narrative that transcends genres and expectations, making it clear that INSTRUMENTS follow no path but their own.

Here is the track list: 1. Black Cloud | 2. Trellis III Tripod | 3. Send Resend | 4. Long Days | 5. Clock | 6. The Golden Library | 7. Mum and Dad

Take a listen, download the album or grab the CD:

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