Hermitofthewoods releases Protogenesis; the original Lotus Eater demo recordings and musical sketches

Hermitofthewoods - Protogenesis
Hermitofthewoods released his third album titled Land Of The Lotus Eaters earlier this year in May. For this album, he approached it much differently from the his previous works and due to this process he was able to release the original sketches from Lotus Eaters, as a free download. Read what he has to say about it below and then grab the DL!

“In 2010, not long after the release of Love’s Dark Season, I started thinking about a new project. Rather than focusing on sample-based hip hop, I wanted to plug in all my instruments, load up all of my software, and see what happened. What came out of it was a pile of tracks – musical ideas, really – that I wasn’t sure what to do with. Enter Scott Da Ros. We’d worked together previously on a few small things and had a shared interest in working together on something bigger. When I mentioned that I’d been working on something, we arrived at the idea that he could mix/remix/deconstruct/rebuilt from the foundations I’d already laid down. Two years later, we were sitting on a project called Land of the Lotus Eaters. This new collection, Protogenesis, is actually an old collection: the original Lotus Eater demo recordings and musical sketches. Some are radically different from how they would end up, some are quite similar. As Scott and I moved through the process of making the record, these original ideas evolved, grew new parts, got shinier, got grittier… In some cases the final versions were nothing like the original ideas. All in all, Lotus Eaters is a project that I’m quite proud of. Intensely collaborative and far removed from my usual process in a way that was both challenging and rewarding. These recordings were the beginning of it all, and deserve to be shared as a companion piece to the album itself.”

– Hermitofthewoods
Halifax, NS
August 11, 2013

Download Hermitofthewoods – Protogenesis through the End Shoppe for FREE! Or below through bandcamp!

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