Bleubird and Prinzneallee European Tour

In support of his new album and Prinzenallee’s debut album (they are the same album) titled “Don’t Let Nerds Take Over Your Life”, bleubird will be hitting Europe for the first time in 2010 on a 20 date tour and 6 of the dates he will be performing with co-Prinzenallee member, Jayrope….as, yes, Prinzenallee.

Check the record here and the tour dates below!

February 4 2010 : Zorro : Leipzig, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
February 6 2010 : Windows : Brussels, Belgium
February 10 2010 : De Kreun : Kortrijik, Belgium
February 11 2010 : Glaz’art : Paris, France
February 12 2010 : House Party : Ghent, Belgium
February 13 2010 : Willemeen : Arnhem, Holland
February 20 2010 : Jaz : Rostock, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
February 22 2010 : West Germany : Berlin, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
February 24 2010 : Sunny Red : Munchen, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
February 25 2010 : Sklenena louka : Brno, Czech Republic (as Prinzenallee)
February 26 2010 : Klub 007 : Prague, Czech Republic
February 27 2010 : AZ Conni : Dresden, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
March 4 2010 : La Malterie : Lille, France
March 5 2010 : 6par4 : Laval, France
March 6 2010 : Sas : Delemont, Switzerland
March 7 2010 : Kalki : Zurich, Switzerland
March 9 2010 : Giraf : Strasbourg, France
March 10 2010 : Poudriere : Belfort, France
March 11 2010 : l’Emile Vache : Metz, France
March 12 2010 : Mapping Festival : Le Zoo : Geneva, Switzerland

Our Favourites of 2009

hi. thought we’d drop our favourites of the year and show a litlle love to the artists and also we hope that some of you reading this might not be aware of a few of these records and will go check them out.

Honorable mention goes to INSTRUMENTS for National Laboratory. It would be cheeky if we dropped Endemik’s our only release of 2009 in some of our lists… but it definitely is one of my favourites!


bleubird‘s top 7:
Filkoe – Shooting Stars EP (self)
Bill Callahan – Sometimes I Wish I Was an Eagle (Drag city)
Jenn Gooch – Gift Horse (self)
Bike for Three! – More Heart Than Brains (anticon)
Giardini di Miro’ – II Fouco (punk…not diet)
P.O.S. – Never Better (rhymesayers)
Brothers Backward – Stupid Intelligent Mixtape (self)

Filkoe‘s top 7:
Wavves – Wavvves (fat possum)
Tune Yards – Bird Brains (marriage records)
Meth Teeth – Everything Went Wrong (woodsist)
Nirvana – Live at Reading
Serengeti & Polyphonic – Terradactyl (anticon)
The Horrors – Primary Colours (XL Recordings)
Woods – Songs of Shame (shrimper/woodsist)

Top 5 LP’s bought on tour in Europe 2009
1. Perry Robinson – Nana Vasconcelos – Badal Roy : Kundalini (Improvising Artists, 1978)
2. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes : Paix (Philips, 1972)
3. Colette Magny : Transit (Free Jazz Workshop) (Le chant du monde, 1975)
4. Michel Vetter : Overtones (Voice & Tambura) (Wergo, 1983)
5. Henri Texier : À cordes et à cris (Disques JMS,

Top 5 cd’s bought/given on tour in Europe
1. Higelin & Areski (Saravah)
2. Eli Keszler : R.L.K. (Rel records)
3. Ohmacht: Spachlos (zappendust)
4. Sixtoo : The Psyche continuum (Metaphorensics)
5. Limbus4: Mandalas (Ohr)

INSTRUMENTS‘ tops of 2009:
Owen Gilbride – Plate Tectonics
Tortoise – Beacons of Ancestorship
Slayer – World Painted Blood
Part Chimp – Thriller
Buck 65 – Dirtbike
Dog Day – Concentration

Scott Da Ros‘ top 6:
Langhorne Slim – Be Set Free
Cymbals Eat Guitars – Why There Are Mountains
Califone – All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
Kill The Vultures – Ecce Beast
D-Sisive – Let The Children Die
Wilco – Wilco (the album)

Sontiago‘s top 4:
Dilly Dilly – Of Art and Intention
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – Songs for Handsome Animals
Beirut – Real People:Holland
Brother Ali – Us

soso‘s top 5:
Bonnie Prince Billy – Beware
Busdriver – Jhelli Bean
Chad Van Gaalen – Infiniheart
Pearson – clear thinking on mixed feelings
Amy Millan – Masters of the Burial

Introducing Deadly Stare…

Deadly Stare are Vid Cousins and Scott Da Ros.

In 2005 I released my debut album titled “One Kind of Dead End” and since then I have not released another album under my own name Scott Da Ros, or any other moniker for that matter. I have been busy working on many musical projects. Made some music for and mixed Filkoe’s debut album. Made one beat and mixed Sontiago’s “Steel Yourself” album. Added some of my favorite drums i have made to soso’s “Tinfoil on the Windows” album. Recorded and worked as a producer for Heliodrome’s debut album. Mixed 3 of Heliodrome limited edition ep’s. Made a slammin’ beat for bleubird’s “Clean yo Plate” that was released on a one-sided 5″ vinyl. In between have made a few beats here and there for some friends who rap… most recently Ira Lee.

With my good friend and audio expert/musical madman Vid, we created Deadly Stare in a hotel room in London (UK) while watching the deadliest of stare’s known to man. This has been a huge focus over the past year….more later.

While working on our second record we have also been working on a few side projects; we created music for bleubird and remixed Montreal bands Bell Orchestre and Beast.

So, check our brand new website and feel free to spread around the music. We appreciate it.


last minute West Coast bleubird tour!

bleubird flew to the West Coast to conduct some business so a couple weeks back he hooked up with Cars and Trains and Ceschi and together they set up a short tour.

Last minute shows might still be announced so please stay posted at Cars and Trains‘s website for last minute additions. Also, for all “House Show” details and locations, please email Cars and Trains and he will sort you out.

November 9 2009 : Lo-Fi : Seattle, WA, USA
November 10 2009 : House Show : Portland, OR, USA
November 11 2009 : The District : Eugene, OR, USA
November 12 2009 : Individual Collective : Vallejo, CA, USA
November 13 2009 : House Show : Santa Cruz, CA, USA
November 14 2009 : The Etiquette Lounge : San Francisco, CA, USA
November 15 2009 : House Show (Phaze One’s House) : Fresno, CA, USA
November 17 2009 : Alcazaba : Alhambra, CA, USA

Heliodrome hit Europe for second straight fall

First bleubird, then filkoe, and now Heliodrome are set to hit Europe this fall. Excited for their return with 3 brand new limited edition EP’s in hand. Next time we should shoot for an Endemik tour bus!

Be sure to spread the word:

October 17 2009 : Chez Pierrot : Arcizans-Avant, France
October 18 2009 : Celtic Pub : Tarbes, France
October 21 Oct 2009 : Saintex : Bordeaux, France
October 22 2009 : L’assomoir : St-Etienne, France
October 24 2009 : Raum Terrassenweng : Berne, Switzerland
October 31 2009 : Miss Hecker : Berlin, Germany

Filkoe : Idiot Mouth European Tour

Filkoe is set to return to Europe for the second time. You can catch him rocking shows with good friends James P Honey, James Reindeer, Pumpernickle, and Zoen. This time around Filkoe will be focusing on his solo Baritone Uke set and his set with Oskar Ohlson as “Pumpernickle”.

Along the way ol’ Filky will be running into two other Endemik kiddies… Performing with bleubird in Metz and Heliodrome in St.Etienne.

September 30 2009 : Les Disquaires : Paris, France
October 2 2009 : Les Nuits Blanches de Metz : Metz, France
October 3 2009 : Le Kaff : Fraunfeld, Switzerland
October 5 2009 : Le Giraf Cafe – Strasbourg, France
October 6 2009 : Oettinger Villa – Darmstadt, Germany
October 8 2009 : Druckluft -Ooberhausen, Germany
October 10 2009 : Jazzkeller : Krems, Austria
October 13 2009 : AZ Conni : Dresden, Germany
October 21 2009 : The Black Hawk : Tours, France
October 22 2009 : L’assomoir : St Etienne, France
October 23 2009 : St. Ex : Bordeaux, France
October 24 2009 : La maison : Amiens, France

Filkoe Idiot Mouth Tour Flyer

new bleubird mixtape – street talk III

bleubird has just dropped his newest edition in the street talk series that began in 2008 with “street talk 2”. “ST2” was released through France’s Hip Hop Core and a few months later bleubird dropped “street talk 5” to kick off his brand new website.

And NOW, “Street Talk III – The Mixtape” is available for free download. As well as offering this mixtape as a free download, bird has decided to actually create a “mixtape” in a physical form. A very limited run of cassettes will be available on his upcoming European tour and upon return he will make another 25 for all of us on this side of the Ocean! Personally I cannot wait to get my hands on a cassette. More cassettes should be made!

Visit bleubird’s website and download his latest freebie.

enjoy and spread the word.

bleubird in europe

bleubird is on his way back to Europe for the first time since moving home to Florida from Berlin last fall. Most shows will be solo except a the shows in Germany near the end of the tour in which he will be performing as Prinzenallee with his nasty German beatmaker Jayrope. Prinzenallee are bleubird and Jayrope (read about them in the artist section). They have a finished album that will be coming out in the next few months through Endemik and in japan through our best friends at Granma Music. More info soon….

Check the dates and you will be listening to the new songs from Prinzenallee as well as some other special songs from bird.

September 17 2009 : A38 : Budapest, Hungary
September 18 2009 : Fluc : Vienna, Austria
September 19 2009 : Pmk : Innsbruck, Austria
September 20 2009 : Kapu : Linz, Austria
September 21 2009 : Channel Zero : Ljubljana, Slovenia
September 25 2009 : Antipode : Rennes, France
September 26 2009 : Jardin Moderne : Rennes, France
September 29 2009 : Donald’s Pub : Tours, France
September 30 2009 : Raymond Bar : Clermont Ferrand, France
October 1 2009 : Le Cri de la Mouette : Toulouse, France
October 2 2009 : Nuit Blanche : Metz, France
October 3 2009 : Riddim Collision Festival : Lyon, France
October 6 2009 : AZ Conni : Dresden, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
October 8 2009 : 603 QM : Darmstadt, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
October 9 2009 : Prater Foyer : Berlin, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
October 10 2009 : Hafenklang : Hamburg, Germany (as Prinzenallee)