soso & Maki – New album! New vinyl!

Who says the pandemic has to be only depressing news?!

Last week, we dropped some news about the vinyl edition of Tinfoil on the Windows and this week we have more exciting news for you!

soso is back with a brand new album, If and Only If, that he has created with his long-time collaborator and good friend, Maki!

soso - If and Only If - Vinyl Mockup - Full

On If and Only If, their first album in seven years, Maki has crafted a delicate and evolving backdrop for the contemplative lyrics that established soso’s reputation as one of the most unique voices in alternative hip hop.

The album is set to be released March 31 and will be available worldwide on all of your favourite digital platforms.

The limited edition vinyl is available through Endemik in partnership with Mism Records (Switzerland) and Audio Recon (USA) and on cassette through Hello L.A. (France). Pre-orders are now available!

View the release page for more information and to find your pre-order link! xo

soso - If and Only If - Vinyl Mockup - Front

soso - If and Only If - Vinyl Mockup - Back

soso & Maki - If and Only If - Cassette

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