soso and Maybe Smith Podcast

Our good friends at are hosting a special edition podcast featuring a conversation with soso and Maybe Smith as they reminisce about their classic album Tinfoil on the Windows! Visit to listen or go direct to apple or Spotify

soso and Maybe Smith - ugsmag podcast

Originally released in 2007, Tinfoil on the Windows was a highpoint in the creative output of prairie rapper, soso. Produced by his tour-mate, collaborator and Canadian indie-rock icon, Maybe Smith, the album paired his layered, sprawling instrumentation with soso’s confessional lyrics and fragile vocal melodies. Tinfoil on the Windows is now available on limited edition vinyl, here.

In addition to the podcast, soso and Maybe Smith have also put together a Spotify playlist featuring some of their musical influences from around the time of the album’s recording and other collaborations they’ve done.

Check out the ugsmag shop for soso shirts and other merch from Tinfoil on the Windows as well as from his brand new album with Maki, If and Only If.

soso - Tinfoil on the Windows - T-shirt

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