Endemik Music Fundrasier Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal

Endemik Bandcamp

Endemik Music has stood by our brothers and sisters throughout the #blacklivesmatter movement and will continue to do so. We stand by our Indigenous brothers and sisters and will continue to do so until true equality exists for all peoples.

Endemik Music started out with the idea of releasing music for artists we know and love, allowing them to do whatever they feel they need to. One of our other main goals was to try and help humanity however we could. We are small but we have done whatever we can and will continue to donate to charities and causes and help in any way possible.

For the remainder of the year, we will be donating 100% of our digital sales to the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal. We have chosen to start the initiative on November 6 on *Bandcamp Fee-Waive Day.  Bandcamp will only be waiving their fees for one day but we will continue to collect all sales until the end of year. Endemik Music will also donate an additional amount. If you ever wanted to download one of our releases, now is a great time! We are also offering the discography at 90% off – so you can grab everything at bandcamp for $25.24 ! www.endemikmusic.bandcamp.com

You can also visit www.endshoppe.com where 100% of the digital sales from any Endemik related release will also be contributed.

We thank you and love you!
#indigenouslivesmatter #blacklivesmatter

* For those who do not know – Bandcamp is an artist & label friendly online music marketplace. Bandcamp Fee-Waive Day started at the beginning of the pandemic where Bandcamp decided to waive its revenue share once a month on the first Friday of every month, in a move that would directly help artists and labels through this tough time.

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