bleubird in europe

bleubird is on his way back to Europe for the first time since moving home to Florida from Berlin last fall. Most shows will be solo except a the shows in Germany near the end of the tour in which he will be performing as Prinzenallee with his nasty German beatmaker Jayrope. Prinzenallee are bleubird and Jayrope (read about them in the artist section). They have a finished album that will be coming out in the next few months through Endemik and in japan through our best friends at Granma Music. More info soon….

Check the dates and you will be listening to the new songs from Prinzenallee as well as some other special songs from bird.

September 17 2009 : A38 : Budapest, Hungary
September 18 2009 : Fluc : Vienna, Austria
September 19 2009 : Pmk : Innsbruck, Austria
September 20 2009 : Kapu : Linz, Austria
September 21 2009 : Channel Zero : Ljubljana, Slovenia
September 25 2009 : Antipode : Rennes, France
September 26 2009 : Jardin Moderne : Rennes, France
September 29 2009 : Donald’s Pub : Tours, France
September 30 2009 : Raymond Bar : Clermont Ferrand, France
October 1 2009 : Le Cri de la Mouette : Toulouse, France
October 2 2009 : Nuit Blanche : Metz, France
October 3 2009 : Riddim Collision Festival : Lyon, France
October 6 2009 : AZ Conni : Dresden, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
October 8 2009 : 603 QM : Darmstadt, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
October 9 2009 : Prater Foyer : Berlin, Germany (as Prinzenallee)
October 10 2009 : Hafenklang : Hamburg, Germany (as Prinzenallee)

brand new site!

hi all. so as you can see this is our brand new site. been awhile in the making but it is finally in place and finished! well, their will be small touch ups here and there i am sure.

that is it for now…i have spent many hours putting this together this week and i have nothing to say at the moment. look around and their will be more updates soon.