Sontiago & Darien Brahms – Like Love – Digital Single

Sontiago has teamed with a good friend from Portland and dropped this real nice digital single for all of yall! Check the song and story and visit it the bandcamp link at the bottom for lyrics!

Enjoy. We hope this holds you over until she drops her next full length.

<a href="">Like Love by Sontiago</a>

“Darien Brahms, of Portland rock scene fame saw Sontiago do an a cappella version of this song and said, “What are you doing with that song?” To which, Sontiago replied, “Nothing really, I made a rough beat to go with it.” “Send it to me,” said Brahms.

The vision of the two’s first collaboration began there. Darien worked day and night playing multiple instruments to recreate a new beat inspired by Sontiago’s original version. The result was genius. Darien, a cold-ridden Sontiago, some beers, hot tea and yogurt covered pretzels got together to record some vocals in Darien’s home studio.

It was during the second vocal session that Sontiago suggested she had written some additional vocals for the ending. Darien orchestrated the vocal layers that really achieve what they consider the best part of the song: the last 60 seconds we told you about earlier.

On the third session Ric Loyd came to record live drums. He may have drank some beer.

Darien, the talented perfectionist that she is added more, subtracted some, mixed the vocals, mixed the drums and came up with something.

The mixes and various endings went back and forth and back and forth between the artists and this is the result, for you.”

2 thoughts on “Sontiago & Darien Brahms – Like Love – Digital Single”

  1. Two of my favorite people working together just as I suggested. That was about a year and a half ago, but these things take time. Nice job; you’re made for each other.

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