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soso and Maki - And Yet - Single

Artist: soso & Maki
Title: And Yet
Format: Digital
Release date: March, 3 2021

Full album:

Lyrics written and recorded by soso (Troy Gronsdahl)
Music by Maki (Maki Kypriotis)
Produced, mixed and mastered by Maki

“And Yet” appears on the album, soso and Maki: If and Only If, released on Endemik Music in partnership with Mism Records and Audio Recon

About the album: If and Only If

If and Only If is the latest project by Canadian indie hip hop stalwarts and long-time collaborators, soso and Maki.

Over a period of two decades, soso and Maki have been charting their own unique course, operating at the edges of the hip hop genre to develop a distinctive and personal body of work that helped define the prairie hip hop ethos.

On If and Only If, their first album in seven years, Maki has crafted a delicate and evolving backdrop for the contemplative lyrics that established soso’s reputation as one of the most unique voices in alternative hip hop. Drawing from noise, drone and other forms of electronic music, Maki sets the tone for an album imbued with the pressing political issues and social tensions that have characterized the past five years. The album was certainly not rushed. It is well-considered, deliberate in pace and intent. This is winter walking music.

If and Only If will be released on limited edition vinyl though Canadian label Endemik Music in partnership with Mism Records (Switzerland) and Audio Recon (USA) and on cassette through Hello L.A. (France).