Artists Maki

An outsider hailing from the desert city of Kamloops B.C. but ostensibly linked to the Saskatoon prairie rap scene, Maki was a late addition to the Clothes Horse Records roster owned and operated by fellow label-mate soso.

Well aware that a conscious decision to eschew self-promotion and touring would keep him from the spotlight, he is nonetheless an accomplished producer with an extensive and deep discography.

Maki’s production is melancholic, layered, dark and heavily drum-centric with references to prog, folk, psych, vintage electronics and post-rap. Informed by political and philosophical movements and experiences, his music often explores concepts of anomie, angst and resistance. The careful observer will note references to place, home and memory.

Working as an adjunct and freelancer to a number of artists and conspiring with bespoke labels including CHR, MISM, Luana Records and Endemik, Maki contributes to the notion of permanence in a post-internet world by focusing on carefully crafted analog-format releases that will forever occupy a physical space.