Our Favourites of 2010

bleubird‘s top 5:
Ceschi – The one man Band broke Up  
The Black Keys – Brothers  
Astronautalis – DANCEHALLHORNSOUND mixtape  
Yelawolf – Trunk Music mixtape  
Mike Patton – Mondo Cane

Héliodrome‘s top 5:
C.C. Hennix: “The Electric Harpsichord” (Die Schachtel)
Etienne O’Leary : “Musiques de flims 1966-1968” (TNZR)
Joshua Abrams: “Natural Information” (Eremite)
Brian Eno : “Small Craft on a Milk Sea” (Warp )
Milo Fine/Paul Metzger/Davu Seru : “Medusa’s Lair” (Locust)

Extra: Pas Chic Chic : “12” (Semprini)

INSTRUMENTS‘ tops of 2009:
High on Fire – Snakes for the Divine
It Kills – It Kills
Alexandre Desplat – The Ghost Writer (soundtrack)
Owen Gilbride – Songs For Sea Life

Scott Da Ros‘ top 5:
Yelawolf – Trunk Musik (Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment)
Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM (Because Music)
Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here (XL Recordings)
Liars – Sisterworld (Mute Records)
Gonjasufi – A Sufi and a Killer (Warp)

Favorite song
Cotton Jones Basket Ride – Somehow to Keep it Going

Sontiago‘s top 6:
MIA- ///\//
Yelawolf- Trunk Muzik
Baths- Cerulean
Yellow Ostrich- Fade Cave
She & Him- Volume Two
Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Two new INSTRUMENTS Singles!

Before INSTRUMENTS drop their upcoming remix album they decided to unload 2 huge bombs on us today! They continually surprise me…I guess that is one reason why they are one of my favorite bands!


Reciting Another Man’s Mantra at the Museum of Science While Down the Hall the Library Door is Surreptitiously Unlocked

Ten Chains

Both song released 29 November 2010
JON HUTT – Drums, Percussion
J. LAPOINTE – Bass, Vocals, Samples
DANIEL MACDONALD – Bass, Mallet Guitar, Media

Created and assembled at The Archive, Mineville, NS, Canada, 2010
Engineered by J. LaPointe


If you are new to INSTRUMENTS then you definitely new to The Motes. The Motes were/are basically the same band but they existed in the 90’s and were/are highly influential to the east coast Canadian scene.

You can now listen to their entire discography on bandcamp (or below) and feel free to purchase the digital package direct from the band!

Also, be sure to catch the INSTRUMENTS’ releases at the Endemik Store.

Hope you love both these bands as much as we do. enjoy. xo

Date of Release: September 2010.
Before INSTRUMENTS, The MOTES: 1994-1999.
This digital release collects the entire MOTES discography, plus singles and rarities.

y.p.l. of Heliodrome on a Cigar Box Guitar

y.p.l. of Héliodrome in the Daddy Mojo workshop and studio, a Montreal based company that builds custom made Cigar Box Guitars! Wow, are these beautiful.

Here are three videos of y.p.l. playing the The Clydesdale model:

“Beautiful vintage tobacco nitro-cellulose sunburst finish with double mini humbucker pick-ups. Florentine (F-hole) violin cut-outs. Daddy Mojo “DM” Star logo silkscreened on back. The Clydesdale model features a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, bone nut and saddle as well as mother of pearl position markers. Available in a four, five or six string format.”

Check out all the other guitars at Daddy Mojo: www.daddy-mojo.com

Sign One – Clock Radio (free download)

Sign One – Clock Radio

The first time I heard of Sign One was the first time I saw bleubird perform live in Halifax, NS in 2002 at the Marquee Club. During bleubird’s there were a few nasty beats he was rapping over… one in particular I later found out was titled “Sunday Picnic” (from bleubird’s first tour ep). To me this beat was perfect; dark, creepy, nicely chopped up drums and it banged.

That beat maker was Sign One, a good friend of bleubird’s, from Michigan. Sign also added 3 beats to Sloppy Doctor and a short vocal part on the song “Trooth”.

I have never met Sign but had many talks with him on the telephone. He is a busy hard working father and husband who has become a very successful chef now living in Florida. Over the years he has sent me beats, and then complete songs and had been working on his debut album, “Clock Radio. But, like i mentioned he always had more important things to take care of outside of music.

Always a fan of his beats, he had me hooked with his raps when I heard “Dope Platelets
<a href="http://endemikmusic.bandcamp.com/track/dope-platelets">Dope Platelets by Endemik Music</a>

We are honoured to release Sign One’s “Clock Radio” as our first release in the Endigital free album download series.

Download Sign One – Clock Radio here

<a href="http://endemikmusic.bandcamp.com/album/clock-radio">Clock Radio by Endemik Music</a>

Bleubird’s New Video Series: Freeebird

Earlier this year Bleubird set out on a new journey called “Freeebird”. He is travelling (and living) throughout North America in a customized RV.

“NOT WHAT BUT WHY. Bringing the road to you with a mix of interviews, shows, collaborations, projects, a series of 7” records, and whatever comes up…Now it’s time to take this show on the road, and bring the road on home.” Read more about Freeebird here: bleubird.org/about/what-is-freeebird

All 17 (at the time of this post) episodes can be found at:

Stay tuned as their are more great episodes to come and please contact us if you have a great story you would like Bleubird to discover…cause you never know when he will be coming through your town.