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Artist: Hermitofthewoods
Title: Coastal
Format: CD, Cassette, Digital
Release date: November 7, 2023

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Album written, produced, and engineered by Hermitofthewoods
Artwork by Hermitofthewoods

Track List
Back From the Dead 1:17 | 2. Coastal 2:16 | 3. The Secret Rules of Engagement 3:11 | 4. Block and Delete (Wait) 3:24 | 5. I Don’t Trust You 2:19 | 6. Scotian Slang 2:52 | 7. Eight Deadly Tentacles ft. Paollo13, bRavenous, Squiggy White, Essay Read, Unko Catfish, Expedyte, and Bo Gus 3:47 | 8. Friendly Fire 3:22 | 9. Kick 2:44 | 10. A Beagle Named Goose 2:23 | 11. What Did They Expect? 3:18

About the Album
Coastal, by Nova Scotian hip hop artist Hermitofthewoods, is a tribute to the rugged and vibrant East Coast of Canada. A decade since his last solo release, Hermit returns with an eclectic record, marking his solo comeback after years of collaboration with Higher State and work on the academically-focused record Remix + Praxis, which earned him a Ph.D.

In Coastal, Hermitofthewoods takes us on a compelling journey through his own intricately crafted musical landscape of big beats and unexpected samples. With a captivating blend of introspective meditations on personal struggles and thought-provoking commentaries on the changing state of the world, this album encapsulates the essence of raw, unfiltered creativity from an artist who still has something to say.

See you on the coast.