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Artist: Triune Gods
Title: Seven Days Six Nights
Format: Vinyl
Release date: Sept 3, 2021 (Originally released in 2011)

Vocals and Lyrics by: Bleubird & Sibitt
Producer and Mixed: Scott Da Ros
Additional Mixing: Vid Cousins
Mastered: J. LaPointe
Artwork by Hiro Kurata

Track List
Side A: 1. Aurora Aura | 2. Sacred Forest | 3. The Voyage
Side B: 1. Core | 2. Wonder’s Answer | 3. Plus Minus | 4. Same Train

About the album
10 years ago, in 2011, Triune Gods dropped their debut album, “Seven Days Six Nights” Granma Music!

Its been a decade of friendships and beautiful music making! Since their sophomore album, Three Cornered World, they have all been busy with life adventures and going in different directions but to celebrate the 10th anniversary, they wanted to bring you the debut album on limited edition single vinyl!

This time we teamed up with Granma Music (Japan), Endemik Music (Canada), Audio Recon (USA) and Pen Their Records (Germany) to make it happen!

Limited edition vinyl of 120 copies.

+ + + +

The curtain opens on “Aurora Aura:” Bleubird and Sibitt rap, riding the drifts of Da Ros’s beats, enveloping us in a quiet and mysterious world where the snow is deep. From there we are taken on a trip through the spooky “Sacred Forest” and the dark quasi-Americana of “The Voyage.” “Plus Minus” has Sibitt offering a beautiful and weird melody, which primes us for Bluebird’s hypnotic spell-rant while Da Ros’s beats deteriorate gradually around us. The finale, “Same Train,” with its charismatic and infectious swirl, is enough to make you want to start the record again to decipher the things you may have missed the first time around.