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Higher State - Second Wave Remixes

Artist: Higher State
Title: Second Wave: Remixes
Format: Digital
Release date: December 10, 2020

Higher state are MC/Producers EMC and Hermit, with DJ Scotch Rothman

Second Wave: Remixes
Original songs appear on their self-titled 2017 debut album.
Executive Producer: EMC
Produced by: EMC, Hermitofthewoods, Metropolis Votary, Intjay, and Locdog.
Cuts by DJ Scotch Rothman
Mixed and mastered by EMC at The Board Room
Album cover by Hermitofthewoods

Track List
1. Ghosts REMIX (Produced by Locdog)
2. Welcome REMIX (Produced by Intjay)
3. Age Against the Machine REMIX (Produced by EMC)
4. Wasting My Time REMIX (Produced by Hermitofthewoods)
5. Champagne Campaign REMIX (Produced by EMC)
6. Capital Lies REMIX (Produced by Metropolis Votary)
7. Hate the Way REMIX Featuring Crissie Brenton (Produced by EMC)
8. Worker Antz REMIX (Produced by Metropolis Votary)
9. What Made The White Man White REMIX (Produced by Metropolis Votary)
10. State of the Union BOOM REMIX (Produced by Hermitofthewoods)
11. We Want the World REMIX (Produced by EMC)