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Artist: Maki
Title: We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate
Format: 12″ Vinyl LP
Release date: March 25, 2016

All songs written, produced, mixed & mastered by Maki.
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering in Halifax
Design and letterpress by

Track List
Side A: 1. Sawtooth | 2. Work is the Blackmail of Survival | 3. Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach! | 4. Night Shift in a CP Engine Bound for Boston Bar | 5. Be Stoic like Ponderosa Pine

Side B: 1. Shake Your Chains to Earth like Dew | 2. We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate | 3. The Insignificant Signified | 4. Sophistry | 5. We Spin Around the Night Consumed by the Fire

“The material is raw, dark, and impressively composed, deliberately rough around the edges yet somehow elegantly cinematic… Maki‬ has his very own style, and it would not be at all surprising if it is one that becomes more and more recognizable in years to come.” –

“there is a lot of really thoughtful and subtle aspects to Maki’s compositions that reward those who listen deeply and come back for repeat listens….Maki is a very careful and attentive producer and composer, and he’s channeled that into some soulful and intimate instrumental hip hop.” – Scratched Vinyl

About the Album
After 15 years of steady effort on collaborative projects with myriad labels and vocalists, Maki’s first full-length instrumental project is informed by a love of hardware, old records and electronic production. The result is an experiment in cut and paste, drum machines, analog synthesis, live instruments and some quality time with a vintage Fender Twin.

The record channels the ghosts of Kraut and Prog over blistering drum programming. Turning the clock off the sequencer, the result is organic, dark, aggressive and melancholic.

Hand-made letterpress artwork and released as a cooperative effort with labels MISM (Bern) and Endemik Music (Montreal). Limited to 100 vinyl imprints.

We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate.