Records end014

Artist: Héliodrome
Title: La lumiere ordinaire du jour
Format: CD
Release date: November 11, 2008

Vocals and Lyrics by Khyro
Music by y.p.l.

Produced & recorded by Scott Da Ros
Mixed by Vid Cousins
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering

Additional musicians:
Additional programming by Scott Da Ros on 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Contrabass by Eric Gingras on 1, 6
Tabla by Will Eizlini on 3
Vocal drone by Olivier Borzeix on 3
Cello by Melanie Auclair on 4
Field recordings by Khyro and Scott Da Ros on 5

Photos by y.p.l.
Layout by Scott Da Ros, y.p.l. and Khyro

Track List
1. Entre Sol et Terre | 2. L’Héliodrome | 3. Jour d’avril | 4. Le jeu de l’ange feat. boikutt | 5. L’apprentissage de la ville | 6. Le premier matin | 7. À l’ombre des deux tours feat. bleubird

About the Album
Formed in 2006, Héliodrome is composed of Khyro, from the Atach Tatuq collective and y.p.l., the mastermind behind the Rosemo(u)nt Antiquartet. The duo quickly bonded over their love of free-jazz, folk, hip hop, experimental music and religious studies. Being inspired by all musical eras since the early 1900s, their sound has a distinct timelessness to it.

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