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Artist: Sontiago
Title: Steel Yourself
Format: CD
Release date: November 20, 2007

Vocals and Lyrics by Sontiago
Featured Vocals by Dilly Dilly, Bleubird & Amie Lavway
Music by Shortfacedbear, The Lin, Xczircles, Pore, Alias, Scott Da Ros, Lifelike, P.Nice, Maker & Sontiago
Mixed by Scott Da Ros, Alias, Jim Begley & Shortfacedbear
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering

Track List
1. Hollow | 2. Faith Not Fear feat. dilly dilly | 3. Potential Paralysis | 4. I Spy Fake | 5. Crush the Rainbow feat. bleubird | 6. Hold On Me | 7. Force It | 8. Hide And Seek feat. dilly dilly | 9. Come Out On Top | 10. Got Me, I Got You feat. dilly dilly | 11. We’ll Still Be Here feat. dilly dilly | 12. Old Orleans | 13. Meg Perry

“Sontiago takes us on an interpretive journey of self-exploration and realism in “Steel Yourself” that unmasks both the dark and soft side to this unparalleled femcee…Fearless in her lyricism and fierce in delivery, (she) seeks out realms in hip hop visited by few as she keeps it raw from beginning to end.” – Rapreviews

“it’s so damn honest.” – Phoenix

“(I) found a well-realized album by a woman who can sing and spit.” – Hour

“she definitely has the ability to bust a rhyme with a message…this is a breath of fresh air for those sick of the I’m-gonna-pop-a-cap-in-yo-arse gangster rap.” – 100%

“the general vibe is SO damned fresh & crisp with a genuinely unnerving amount of pure talent & verve. This lady is a rare talent i tell thee.” – Norman Records

“The Coco Rosie sound in the first track made me think, shit, here we go with some weird crap. Then I was introduced to some sweet ass samples and beats. Then she starts rappin’. There is a slight Northern State nasal twinge to the voice. The lyrics are more thought conscious, though, than party oriented. Dope.

“Sontiago blurs the line between poet and MC. On her sophomore set, her heartfelt lyricism shoots straight from the soul, whether she ponders her own inner struggles or the strife of her friends” – Remix Magazine