Records end010

Artist: bleubird
Title: rip u$a (the birdfleu)
Format: CD / 2 x Vinyl LP
Release date: February 27, 2007

Vocal and lyrics by bleubird except where noted
Mixed by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering
Duct Tape Rubberroom by shortfacedbear
Dads Cheek & United Nonsense by Scott Da Ros
Hell Country and Tiger by Alias
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering

Track List
1. rip u$a | 2. writer | 3. very beautiful dangerous joke | 4. switchblades | 5. weasal+bird+tiger | 6. hell country | 7. drunk on movement | 08. kill guys | 9. everything up feat. subtitle | 10. UnitedNonsense | 11. i make weird | 12. duct tape rub[bear]room | 13. black hawk down feat. sole | 14. dads cheek feat.filkoe176 | 15. motivationally speaking | 16. playing dressup feat.filkoe176 | 17. god’s guns feat.jim wurster | 18. walk it off (vinyl only)

“The energy on “rip u$a (the birdfleu)” makes it feel like an old Black Flag or Clash album. The lyrics are like a strange mix of Chuck D and Hunter Thompson, with the wit of Jello Biafra…It follows the example of Frank Zappa in the idea of making music on one’s own terms.” – St.Cloud Chronicle

“If you’re sick of slackjawed rap and are looking for something a little sailor-mouthed from the underground, Montreal’s Bleubird is right up your alley. This is an excellent album for a variety of reasons, the lyrics (thankfully) heading the list…making fun of the music industry, hip-hop and, as all great postmodern hipsters do, himself… This is the best hip-hop album of the year so far.” – Audioversity

“It’s more than just difficult to find an abstract hiphop album that holds my attention these days so I must say ‘Rip USA’ has been a very pleasant and much needed surprise – give it a chance, you might get something you weren’t expecting. Recommended.” – Boomkat

“Florida’s bleubird delivers his eulogy for the bloated corpse that is the United States.” – Urb Magazine

“DA punk-rock beatnik bookworm in a tinfoil hat and dirty sneaks, voluble Montreal MC Bleubird certainly seethes with end-times Jesus fever and Pax Americana paranoia” – Montreal Mirror

“Bleubird is a rapper who has taken an unusual path to success. His style is a combination of the heady white-boy rhymes of Aesop Rock and the rapid-fire spoken-word style of Saul Williams. Hell, call him Allen Ginsberg with shelltoes on if you want to, because he can fit that role as well.” – New Times

“With rip u$a (the birdfleu), Bleubird’s deep and socially introspective lyrics beg you to listen to them because they are actually saying something.” – Alarm Mag