Records end005

Artist: Scott Da Ros
Title: s/t
Format: 7″ vinyl
Release date: April 14, 2005

Produced by Scott Da Ros
Mixed by Renn & Scott Da Ros
Featured Vocals by Bleubird & Sole
Mastered by Sixtoo

Track List
Side A. Monster Mashout feat. Bleubird
Side B. Humans Bury Deep feat. Bleubird & Sole

“This is dark alt hip hop which will appeal to fans of Themselves, Restiform Bodies, Dalek, Sixtoo etc. It’s as good as anything by the a fore mentioned artists. Take a chance folks if you like this kind of thing cos it’s rather brilliant.” – Norman Records

“Producer Scott Da Ros backs up Bleubird’s intelligent rap with some heavy Shadow-esque breaks, then gets progressively left of centre on B-side “Humans Bury Deep” as MC Sole joins the fray.” – Piccadilly Records

“A slamming piece of skewed hip hop from around the Canada vicinity – Scott Da Ros made the beats which boom and crash with power…Impressive stuff.” – Banquet Records

“the production is clever, the political rhymes are fairly fresh and the beats have some unexpected twists. Plus you can’t hate on a rapper who drops a non sequitur as genius as “Spring break forever, motherfuckers.”” – Lost at Sea

“anemic beats that juxtapose ominous synth loops and creepy digital bleeps with offbeat, hard hittin’ drums that come blasting forth.” – Dusted

Monstermashout feat bleubird

Humans Bury Deep feat bleubird + sole

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