Records end003

Artist: bleubird
Title: Sloppy Doctor
Format: 2LP / CD
Release date: October 21, 2003

Recorded, mixed and mastered by J. LaPointe at Audio Projects
All lyrics written and performed by bleubird except where noted
All cuts by Spytek, except on Crybaby Crunk by Spytek and DJ Immortal
All interludes arranged by bleubird and J. LaPointe
All interludes performed by bleubrid and Filkoe
Cover painting by Thesis Sahib and Tonto

Track List
1. welcome to my fuck | 2. cry baby crunk | 3. living through others | 4. you dont even know dog | 5. cartoon love bubbles | 6. when happening | 7. another super mario(cart)brothers drive-by feat. Sole | 8. two beat and a bikini | 9. spider get off that dust | 10. abrasive love+my broken friends | 11. i wish i was bob dylan | 12. trooth redux feat.SignOne | 13. bobmalisdada | 14. prefab housing | 15. most clubbinist cat | 16. the boogie man screams like a girl | 17. emo pervert | 18. dark dirty places | 19. turbo vette | 20. we the bomb

“there hasn’t been an emcee in this scene concerned with self-analysis that’s dove in headfirst like Bleu has – whatever the lyrical content has been, there has always been some audible distance between the rapper and their subject matter. Here, there is extreme claustrophobia, a denseness that at its best is almost creepy…Listening to Sloppy Doctor leaves me disorientated, confused and gloomy. But in a really, really good way. ” – Dot Alt