Records end002

Artist: Stigg of the Dump
Format: 10″ Vinyl EP
Release date: April 09, 2002

Produced by Stigg of the Dump
Mixed by Sixtoo and Stigg of the Dump
Mastered by McEnroe
All lyrics written and performed by Sixtoo and Buck65 (Sebutones)
Bass on Ponting Fingers by Eric M.O.
Photos by Sam Holt and Stan Kovacci (Scott Da Ros)
Layout by Sixtoo

Track List
Side A. 1. Five Dollar Jesus feat. Buck65 | 2. Garbage Rain feat. Sixtoo | 3. Pointing Fingers feat. Sebutones
Side B. 1. Pointing Fingers instr. feat. Eric M.O. | 2. Short Strings feat. Sixtoo

“…ultimately rewarding for the listener, Stigg’s ‘Still Alive…’ provides an athmospheric and immersive listening experience. Highly recommended.” –

“…”Five Dollar Jesus”…this song is however furthered infinitely by the incredible Stigg beat, that wretches a worm like bass behind the words, adds a hard drum, and then embeds some atmospheric orchestration into the chorus.” – Urban Smarts

“Sixtoo spits battle raps over a warped drumbeat drenched in sweeping strings and flashes of cymbals. Hopefully, the Sebutones’ own release will be this good.” – Exclaim