Pass the beat!

The project started October 27, 2020 when an email was sent to the beat makers/producers of the Endemik Music Family. Six responded with laughter and excitement about the idea and so the remote project began.

The concept is, as the title of this blog suggests, pass the beat. The first round started in January, 2021. Each producer was to decide the BPM (beats per minute), create a drum track, sequenced out and at the end of the month send the files to the right.

With the second round and all rounds following, the producer was to add one more instrument track of their own choosing. Arranging the previous tracks were also encouraged.

Throughout the process the songs would morph and change from one round/one producer, to the next.

Finally passing through the circle and returning to the original creator of the drum track with no idea of where the song was to go and how it would be returned.

With the final round, the originator of the song was to arrange as they wanted and add an additional track, if needed.

This project was enjoyed by Deadly Stare (Montreal, QC), EMC (Halifax, NS), Hermitofthewoods (Halifax, NS), Maki (Kamloops, BC), sign one (Gahanna, OH) and soso (Saskatoon, SK). They became Endemik Remote Ensemble. Enjoy the EP, They Fired with Their Lives!

Endemik Remote Ensemble
Endemik Remote Ensemble
Endemik Remote Ensemble

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