Entire Discography Download & A Donation!

For the month of December, our entire Endemik Music discography is basically FREE to download through Endemik bandcamp. We are offering 90% OFF the bundle of 29 digital albums for only $12.85!

We will be donating all proceeds to The Empowerment Plan project.  In short, they are a “nonprofit organization based in Detroit, MI…they hire single parents from local shelters and provide them with training and full-time employment as seamstresses so that they can earn a stable income, find secure housing, and regain their independence. The individuals they hire manufacture a coat designed to meet the needs of those in the homeless community.”

Our goal is to be able to donate enough for at least one coat and/or supplies but hopefully more! Regardless of what we pull in from the discography downloads, we plan on donating enough for 1 coat to be manufactured on the labels behalf.   
So go grab the records and let’s get some coats made!  Tell all your friends and lovers about it! 

* To download, please visit this link to our Bandcamp profile. Select any album and below the album cover you will see a note saying FULL DIGITAL DISCOGRAPHY. Click and enter the amount at 90% off. You can also send the DOWNLOAD to a friend as a gift.

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