BURIERS – Spring 2016 – European Tour Dates

BURIERS are a busy crew in the next couple months! Check the dates and spread the word to all your friends.

April 7 – Ústí nad Labem @ Hranicar
April 8 – Liberec @ Azyl
April 9 – Trutnov @ Kabinet
April 10 – Kolín @ K Centrum
April 11 – Praha @ Cafe Potrva
April 12 – České Budějovice @ Ostinato Fest
April 13 – Plzeň @ Papirna
April 14 – Brno @ Bajkazl
April 15 – Vernerovice @ Soukostel

April 16 – Trenčín @ Bio Luc
April 17 – Žilina @ Stanica
April 18 – Nitra @ Mariatchi

April 19 – Breclav @ Piksla
April 20 – Rožnov pod Radhoštěm @ T Klub

April 23 – Deptford @ Nest Collective 10th yr Festival – Master Shipwrights Palace

May 3 – Lyon @ Le Periscope

May 5 – Ravenna @ Moog Slow Bar
May 6 – Montecarotto @ Osteria Sotto Le Mura
May 7 – Eboli @ Rifrullo
May 8 – Taranto @ Spazio Duezerodue
May 9 – Paestum @ Casa Rubini
May 10 – Avellino @ Godot Art Bistrot
May 11 – Rome @ Unplugged In Monti
May 12 – La Spezia @ Arci Origami La Spezia Live Club
May 13 – Padova @ Associazione Culturale Khorakhanè
May 14 – Faenza @ Clandestino

May 20 – Dusseldorf @ Wfünfsieben Studio
May 21 – Darmstadt @ Oetinger Villa

May 22 – Brussels @ Atelier 210

May 24 – Hannover @ Cafe Glocksee
May 25 – Frankfurt @ Sofar Concert
May 26 – Jena @ Kassablanka
May 27 – Leipzig @ Handstand und Moral
May 28 – Chemnitz @ Fuego At La Isla Festival
May 29 – Bamburg @
May 30 – Marburg @ Wagonhalle
May 31 – Mainz @ Schon Schön

BURIERS Tour Poster


HAPPY RELEASE DAY to MAKI for “We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate”

Today the new Maki album, We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate, is officially out on 12″ vinyl or for download! Sending a happy release day to an all around good person! xo

This is a co-release with MISM Records and they have sold out in Europe so get the last remaining copies at our shoppe!

Order Vinyl
North America/World: End Shoppe
OR Download through the End Shoppe


Maki Album Cover

MAKI 12″ vinyl dropping March 25, 2016!


Pre-order vinyl at the End Shoppe and check out the pre-order bundles specials Specials!

The debut album 12″ vinyl from Maki will be dropping March 25th, 2016! This is a split release with our good friends in Switzerland at MISM Records.

Spread the word! xo

About the album:
After 15 years of steady effort on collaborative projects with myriad labels and vocalists, Maki’s first full-length instrumental project is informed by a love of hardware, old records and electronic production. The result is an experiment in cut and paste, drum machines, analog synthesis, live instruments and some quality time with a vintage Fender Twin.

The record channels the ghosts of Kraut and Prog over blistering drum programming. Turning the clock off the sequencer, the result is organic, dark, aggressive and melancholic.

We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate.

Maki Album Cover

Welcome BURIERS and Maki to the label!

We now have the privilege of working with two new artists for their upcoming releases and wanted to share it with the cyber world! Both BURIERS and Maki have their albums complete, mastered, test presses have been listened to and the ok’s has been given. Both vinyls are in productions and we hope to get them both out in early 2016. BURIERS have a limited edition 10″ and Maki has a 12″. We are co-releasing the Maki album with the wonderful homies in Switzerland at MISM Records.

Take a look at these beautiful humans below and then click the faces for more info! And stay posted as we hope to drop some more info on both releases soon!

thanks for your time!

BURIERS - Artist thumbMaki - Artist thumb

Scott Da Ros VS Wu-Tang

Wu-Tang and family has always been a big influence so producer Scott Da Ros decided to do a WU-TANG mashup EP using some previously recorded and released songs either under his name or his group Triune Gods.

All music created, produced and mix by Scott Da Ros.
All raps courtesy of individual. Taken from the world wide web.

Stream, share and download below!