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sign one - tmhatll

Artist: sign one
Title: The Mighty Highs and The Lowly Lows
Format: Vinyl / Cassette
Release date: May 6, 2022 

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by sign one 
Cuts by Chaps (2) and the Stone Cold Party Rockers (6) 
Horns by Neil Mattson (6) 
Drum production by Seabaz (6) 
Appearances by Bleubird (2) Epic (3) and Davey (10) 
Guest Vocalist Id Obelus (10) 
Production by Swamburger (11) 
Co-written by Tweetch!zown (11)

Track List
1. 2020 Hosannas | 2. True Winter | 3. Hey Stupid | 4. Big Window Sky | 5. Be Aware | 6. Soigne | 7. Lunchmeat 2nd Verse | 8. Letters | 9. Battle Rap | 10. Hater Rhymes | 11. My Line

About the album
2020 was tough for many and on his third album, titled The Mighty Highs and The Lowly Lows, Sign One tells it to fuck off politely.  Seemingly every time there’s a lifestyle change Sign goes and makes a batch of rap songs, and the pandemic certainly provided that opportunity. 

The Michigan native rapper/producer is currently residing in Columbus, Ohio, and in his younger days spent a decade in Orlando Florida fine tuning his chops with fellow Jerk Circuit members. The early indy rap MPC innovator continues to create sample based compositions on his latest album while writing straight forward American raps as if this was 1999. Sign continues to deliver his truth, whether it ’99 or ’22, the content can reflect decades as he pays homage and penance to his three sons, reminds us what a true winter really looks like, argues with people on social media, battles rappers who who only write battles but dont freestyle, sprinkles in some political satire and a special one for all the ladies, all except for one. 

The Mighty Highs and The Lowly Lows is written, produced, and recorded by Sign One and released on vinyl and cassette through Endemik Music (CAN), in partnership with Audio Recon (USA) and Pen Thief Records (EU).  We hope you enjoy this collection of rap songs.