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Artist: soso
Title: Tinfoil on the Windows
Format: Vinyl LP
Release date: March 31, 2021

Lyrics written and performed by soso
Music by Maybe Smith
Produced and mixed by soso and Maybe Smith
Mastered by J.LaPointe at Archive Mastering
Drum programming on Rubber Rings by Maki
Drum programming on Company of Chairs and One Eye Open by Scott Da Ros
Drum programming on All The Useless Things These Hands Have Done and Your Mom Is In The Next Room by soso

Track List
Side A:
1. Rubber Rings | 2. Company of Chairs | 3. All The Useless Things These Hands Have Done | 4. The Names of all the Trees |

Side B:
1. Your Mom is in the Next Room | 2. Floorboards and | 3. One Eye Open | 4. For a Girl on a Faraway Hill

About this album
Originally released in 2007, Tinfoil on the Windows was a highpoint in the creative output of prairie rapper, soso. Produced by his tour-mate, collaborator and Canadian indie-rock icon, Maybe Smith, the album paired his layered, sprawling instrumentation with soso’s confessional lyrics and fragile vocal melodies.

His most musically ambitious release to date, Tinfoil on the Windows is now available on limited edition vinyl for the first time through Canadian label Endemik Music in partnership with Mism Records (Switzerland) and Audio Recon (USA).

“This record is inspiringly brilliant. The songs are personal, dealing with lovers, family and similar themes; the kind of themes to which many people can relate, espousing the kind of emptiness with which, unfortunately, many of us are familiar. But there are also small shafts of light, or at least a less penetrating darkness. It’s definitely on of the best albums I have heard in a very long time…tops my list of this year’s musical accomplishments so far.” RVA MAG (US)

“Soso’s conservational, near-spoken verses sound almost uncomfortably intimate in their close-mic’ed directness and starkly autobiographical themes. Undeniably strange but weirdly compelling, with echoes of everyone from cult Texas weirdo Jandek to shoegazer gods My Bloody Valentine, Tinfoil on the Windows is one of 2007’s most difficult to categorize albums.” – All Music Guide

“…this album worked best after a two hour coach journey; tired and hungover, heavily exalting and paying close attention to words and textures the constructions appeared and made complete sense. I really could write for days about how relevant the slow chug of ‘All The Useless Things These Hands Have Done’ felt passing through London’s Saturday melee with an unwashed forehead pressed against the cold glass of a window.” – 3 Bar Fire (UK)

“This is occasionally more along the lines of Buck 65 with intelligent & poignant lyrical flows over shimmering steel guitar & intermittent big, crashing drums that recall Flaming Lips. One section throws meandering post-rock shapes like Godspeed grimacing at that bloopy android fridge dumped by Grandaddy in 2001. Another is Daniel Johnson-esque rush of regretful “sozzle & strum”. There’s a sparsity & bleakness here that really affects you. The songs are quietly arresting, interspersed with some tender minimalism & experimentalism. ” – Norman Records (UK)

“Soso manages to hit numerous nails on the head throughout the course of Tinfoil making the album vital, intrinsic listening for anyone with a passing interest in human error or creative speech. This album works best when you travel, tired and hungover slowly rolling past incredible architecture with your forehead pressed against a pane of cool misgiving glass.” – Grapeshift

“Soso is better than alright; in fact I’d say it’s great. Ambient, pretty, and undulating, the music washes over you like a giant reverb-laden sedative cocktail. In contrast, Tinfoil On the Windows is lyrically blunt and anguished…A little reality. The album is diverse, and the mood changes from fevered to lazily meandering and back again. I like when you can tell that a musical project is someone’s “baby;” their pride and joy. And I think this is one of those projects.” – Sparkplugg (US)

“The evolution of the new indie hip hop scene has thrown another curve ball with the atmospheric and melodic new album by Canadian songwriter soso…Soso’s vocals and lyrics are matched in their beauty and mellow intensity with the music generated by musician Maybe Smith. The musicianship shown is incredible… “Tinfoil on the Window” is quite an eloquent record… It invites the listener in and allows room to breathe among the layered tracks. It is definitely worthy of many listens…” – University Chronicle (US)

“Though he may not match your perception of what a hip-hop MC should look or sound like, he perfectly matches the Canadian ideal of singer-songwriter. At once confessional and humourous, he is above all honest. The album is layered with lo-fi orchestral melodies (courtesy of fellow prairie musician Maybe Smith) over which he raps bittersweet images of nostalgia and angst.” – London Mewsings (UK)