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Title: National Laboratory
Format: 12″ Vinyl EP (with cd)
Release date: January 20, 2009

Jon Hutt – Drums, Percussion
J. LaPointe – Guitar, Vocals, Samples
Daniel MacDonald – Bass, Media

Engineered by J. LaPointe
Artwork by Daniel MacDonald
Smoke photo by Emily Dempsey during the Mineville forest fire of June 2008.

Track List
1. Three Go Out | 2. Elephant Tusk | 3. National Laboratory | 4. Anticlock | 5. Decent Worm | 6. Eyes in Pieces | 7. Clock | 8. The Temperature of Deep Space

About the Album
Single-sided 12 inch vinyl in an archival library jacket. Expertly cut for vinyl by Paul Gold, from a specially prepared 24 bit, 88.2kHz master transferred from the original analog tapes via a modified Studer transport with custom tube repro electronics. No limiting or other digital tomfoolery.

Considered to be the definitive version of this album. Yes they are nerds.

Technical notes:
All analog mixes used 1/4″ tape at 15ips, and IEC (CCIR) equalization with a reference fluxivity of 0VU = 320nwb/m on Quantegy 456 tape, except for National Laboratory, which was recorded at 500nwb/m, also on 456. For further technical details see the individual song pages.

The master level of this digital recording has been set to allow for the full natural dynamic range of the analog master tapes. Please adjust your playback volume control accordingly.