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artist: Filkoe
title: Lost Zoo Keys and the Animal Spirits That Haunt Them
format: CD
release date: October 30, 2007

Vocals and Lyrics by Filkoe
Music by Alkalyne, Cuer, Filkoe, Graves, Phrewill & Scott Da Ros
Mixed by Scott Da Ros
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering

Track List
1. Filkoe is the One (intro) | 2. Unparalleled Endurance | 3. Verreaux’s | 4. To The Sun (interlude) | 5. Beautiful Uniqueness | 6. Occie Occie in Come Free | 7. Talk to the Animals (interlude) | 8. Hairy Man | 9. The Sum of Some | 10. Sa-Crow-Peeah | 11. Summertime (interlude) | 12. Cereal Box Mascot | 13. Turbot Frog Suicide (interlude) | 14. Apostrophe S | 15. Mr Sun Mr Sun (interlude) | 16. I Was / Ill Noise / Miss Eye Eerie | 17. Blanket of Space | 18. Scenes | 19. The Death of Tea Tree Oil | 20. Pea Tree Dish

Vocals and Lyrics by Filkoe
Interludes made by Filkoe and Scott Da Ros

Music by Alkalyne (14), Cuer (5, Filkoe (7, 19), Graves (8), Jewels Hunter (20), Phrewill (2, 6, 17) & Scott Da Ros (3, 10, 12, 16, 18, 19)

Scopps Du Jour played bass on 6, 16, 8
Shortfacedbear played bass on 20
Dilly Dilly played banjo, horns and backing vocals on 16

Mixed by Scott Da Ros
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering

“I was delighted by dude’s sprightly raps about the duck-billed platypus, three-toed sloth, etc. Kool Keith would love it.” – The Stranger

“…catchy as an eager tuna quirk-pop-hop with rapid fire sing-song rapping that takes you on a total journey…Therefore resulting in a wholesome, eccentric & utterly enjoyable cosmic workout which is both accesible & bizarre. His lyrics are just crackers.” – Norman Records

“he drops a hell of a lot of knowledge… but Filkoe’s down-to-earth presentation and slower singsong flow make for an easy time in digesting his poetic pleas….the perfect subject matter for a children’s record.” – Exclaim Magazine

“(Filkoe) delivered educational (and emotional!) rhymes about wolves, lemurs, toucans, and ocelots, his raps dripping with sincere concern and stuffed with Wikipedia facts. He could really take this show on the road to the elementary schools, get himself some grant money, and buy some plush-ass animal costumes or something.” – The Stranger