Records end008

Artist: bleubird
Title: Pilgrim of St.Zotique
Format: 12″ Vinyl EP
Release date: May 15, 2006

Vocals and Lyrics by Bleubird
Featured Vocals by Subtitle
Music by Alias, Scott Da Ros, DJ Mayonnaise, Skyrider & Sole
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering

Track List
Side A. 1. Intro | 2. Fuel for Hope (extend) | 3. Duct Tape Rubber Room | 4. Hell Country
Side B. 1. Everything Up featuring Subtitle | 2. Rocket Mouth | 3. I Make Weird

“I was about to call this one Bleuturd based on some previous examples, but maybe I have to eat that turd.” – Dusted

“You gotta love an artist who names the Young Black Teenagers as their numero uno influence on their My Space page. Think of him as the missing link between Sole and Dose One” – Boomkat

“An abstract, art-rap bonanza, loaded with matters of the heart, the mind, ducks and bunnies.” – Atak Worldwide