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Artist: Skyrider
Title: 47:34
Format: CD
Release date: September 21, 2004

Producer and mixed by Skyrider
Featured vocals by Jim Wurster
Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering

Track List
1. intro | 2. into the light | 3. everyday of their lives | 4. i tried | 5. 14 | 6. no good | 7. join the navy | 8. before the dawn | 9. good morning | 10. semilla | 11. masters of deception | 12. dub dem crazy | 13. i love | 14. skyrider’s theme | 15. tramp | 16. hello lonliness | 17. requiem | 18. good luck

“The songs on this record are loose and downbeat, but their sound is impossible to classify with a one-word genre definition. They’re awry pieces of post-hiphop production, minimal but still held together by subtle melodies from samples and a plethora of live instruments. They veer between folksy, psychedelic and orchestral, often occupying all three positions at once. The tracks flow in and out of one another in an incredibly hallucinogenic way – it’s chilling.” – Dot Alt

“The mood is often sombre and disorienting, and, layer by layer, one really does get the sense of weaving in and out of consciousness just as he did…47:34 is a beautiful exercise in mood and sound.” – Exclaim