Sign One – Clock Radio (free download)

Sign One – Clock Radio

The first time I heard of Sign One was the first time I saw bleubird perform live in Halifax, NS in 2002 at the Marquee Club. During bleubird’s there were a few nasty beats he was rapping over… one in particular I later found out was titled “Sunday Picnic” (from bleubird’s first tour ep). To me this beat was perfect; dark, creepy, nicely chopped up drums and it banged.

That beat maker was Sign One, a good friend of bleubird’s, from Michigan. Sign also added 3 beats to Sloppy Doctor and a short vocal part on the song “Trooth”.

I have never met Sign but had many talks with him on the telephone. He is a busy hard working father and husband who has become a very successful chef now living in Florida. Over the years he has sent me beats, and then complete songs and had been working on his debut album, “Clock Radio. But, like i mentioned he always had more important things to take care of outside of music.

Always a fan of his beats, he had me hooked with his raps when I heard “Dope Platelets
<a href="">Dope Platelets by Endemik Music</a>

We are honoured to release Sign One’s “Clock Radio” as our first release in the Endigital free album download series.

Download Sign One – Clock Radio here

<a href="">Clock Radio by Endemik Music</a>

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