Reclyone – Demented Mutation EP

Good friend, INSTRUMENTS drummer and an inspirational artist, Recylcone has released a new EP called Demented Mutation.

It is amazing like all of his music. Check the audio below, spread the links and order it on bandcamp!

Oh yeah! He also released a collection of older non-released Recyclone songs called PrecycloneListen here

From Jon Hutt about Demented Mutation:

“In my view, Demented Mutation is the proper follow up to Numbers. Within the nine years since Numbers was released I’ve made a few guest appearances and collaborations, and renewed my passion for playing live drums with the band INSTRUMENTS. There was always a plan for another proper Recyclone album, but the timing was never right. This album had many false starts and challenges along the way. Things fell into place when J. and I returned to the way of working together that created Numbers – recording and resampling most of the instrumentation ourselves. Scott Da Ros and Rob Shedden added their skills and enthusiasm along the way. When recording the album I soon realized that the songs shared a common structure. They all began with a verse and ended as instrumentals. I didn’t feel the need to fill the songs with lyrics from start to finish. I wanted the music to be strong enough to speak for itself.”

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