Pre-order the new SOSO vinyl and stream a song!

The new soso album ‘Not for Nothing‘ will be available world wide June 10 on LP and digitally. Kutu Folk in France are releasing the CD and we will be carrying some through the online store as well.

This is a record about trying to figure shit out. It’s not pretentious, but it is edging rap lyrics into somewhat unfamiliar territory. It is contemplative. There is yearning. There is vulnerability and frustration. What is the distance between resignation and surrender? (If I ever knew you, I don’t know you now). Read more about the album here

Or head directly to the End Shoppe and grab the vinyl at a special pre-order price for one more week!

If you would like to order teh new soso and Hermitoftehwoods vinyl, we also set up a special package vinyl deal. Check it here!

First, before checking any above links, please listen to one of the beautiful songs that will appear on the album!

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