Hermitofthewoods – Land of the Lotus Eaters is out today!!

Today, May 14th, is the release day for Hermit’s new album Land of the Lotus Eaters.

The album is available on vinyl AND comes in 3 different colours – translucent blue, translucent green and opaque white! You can also pick up the album on CD or as a digital download. Order the format you prefer at the EndShoppe

Thanks again to those who have shown support!!

“Land of the Lotus Eaters lives in a world where reality is obscured by fantasy and everything is thrown into question. It is about televised talent competitions getting more votes than the people who rule over us. It is about intelligence being synonymous with arrogance and mediocrity being celebrated at every turn. It is about celebrity having more value than integrity. It is about breaking free. It is about choosing to do better. It is about hope and possibility. It is about all of us.”

Stream the whole album through bandcamp

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