Heliodrome & Jayrope – Swearing at the Sun (Limited Cassette)

Autumn 2009, French Canadian experimental rap duo Heliodrome, concludes an european tour in Berlin. During this tour they offered three different sets of music, either improvised folk of electronic. Each concert was seen as a possibility to expand their vision of their own music.

In Berlin, they met labelmate Jayrope, who’s about the release on Endemik his collaboration with american rapper Bleubird called Prinzenallee. After assisting at an Heliodrome concert in Berlin, he promptly suggested that they record together, in the format of a small show for some friends in his appartement. This improvised concert led to this release.

A really intimate improv session between likeminded artsits that gave birth to “Swearing at the Sun”, a modern play of Schreber’s delirium, where rap and rhythm fades away giving place to instant improvisation. The result is unclassifiable, sitting somewhere between avant folk, noise and free improv.

Track List:
Side A :
1) Nerfs divins détachés de la masse
2) Flüchtig Hingemachte Manner «Top Quality»

Side B:
1) Ombres d’hommes bâclés à la six quatre-deux «Top Qualité»
2) Die Sonne Ist Eine Hure

Total time: 57 minutes
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